Solar Calculator

21 Sep 2021

Yearly Performance From Solar pv panels for farm

Generally, the performance of solar PV plants has been measured annually. The quality factor of solar panels depends on the quality of a PV plant that is independent of location. The performance ratio (PR) is only meant for describing the relationship between the actual and theoretical energy outputs of the PV solar plant. Based on the thorough study, 1 MW solar plant can generate 1,460 MWh annually. Then the budget for a 1 MW solar farm would be Euro 33950 per year. There is a very interesting 5–7-year compensation with NuSolas. The TAMS grant is restricted to 11kw for smaller solar farms and any size farm can register.

On completion of the installation and once NuSolas are paid in full, you will be refunded 30-60% of the total costs associated with the installation.