Solar Panel Grants in Ireland


SEAI Residential Solar PV Grant -
Up to €2100

The Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) offer generous grants of up to €2,100 to homeowners to help with the production of clean electricity leading to greenhouse emission reduction.

The SEAI are helping you to upgrade your home and make your home more energy-efficient through grants of up to €2100. Contact NuSolas team to find out how you can avail the Grant.

Various SEAI Grants are available

Our Grants Manager Will Complete The Grant Application For You.

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Solar Panel Grants
Available By SEAI

Our Solar PV experts can help determine the eligibility for solar grants by SEAI and support with the application. Residential customers can avail grant of up to €2,100 and commercial up to €162,600.


Commercial Solar PV Grants -
Up To €162,600

Also called Non-Domestic Microgen Grant, the grant amount you receive is based on the standard output of your solar PV system.

A solar PV system with max output of 1,000 kWp can be grant funded through the scheme.

If the system installed is larger than 1,000 kWp, the applicant may apply for the maximum grant value of €162,600* and this is available for systems from 1kWp up to a maximum of 1000kWp solar PV system.

TAMS II Agricultural Grant – Up to 60%

Take advantage of the TAMS II grant support scheme while it’s available for your Farm & Agriculture Land.‍

The government provides grant of up to €9, 300 or up to 60% of the overall PV system installation cost.‍

TAMS II offer grant aid to improve farming by allowing contribution to clean energy. Contact NuSolas Sales Team to find out more.