Hybrid Solar Panels Cost in Ireland

Raj Singh
December 28, 2023

Looking for ways to lower your electricity bills and be more self-sufficient? Hybrid solar panels with battery storage are gaining traction as a smart choice. But how affordable and effective are they?

This guide simplifies the cost analysis of solar panel systems, considering Ireland’s varied sunshine, which affects return on investment. It’s a straightforward look at the expenses and perks of adopting solar power.

Discover the upfront costs, government incentives, and environmental impacts of choosing hybrid solar panels. Could this be the solution to save money and support Ireland’s sustainability goals?

Key Takeaways

  • In Ireland, the cost of residential solar panel systems can be between €5,000 and €12,000. This varies based on system size and extra features like battery storage.
  • Government grants and subsidies are available to help with the cost of installing solar panels in Ireland, which can make it more affordable for homeowners.
  • Hybrid solar panels not only save money on electricity bills but also increase property value and help reduce carbon footprints by using clean energy.
  • The benefits of investing in hybrid solar panels go beyond just financial savings; they contribute to sustainable living and support Ireland's green commitments.

Cost of Solar Panels in Ireland

The cost of solar panels in Ireland can be influenced by various factors, such as the size and type of system, installation expenses, and additional costs for battery storage. On average, the cost of residential solar panel systems in Ireland can range from £5,000 to £8,000.

Additionally, homeowners should consider the added expense of battery storage to maximise their energy savings.

Let's examine the factors that typically influence the cost of hybrid solar panel systems.

Factors affecting cost

  • Size and Output: Bigger systems with more power will cost more. If we need lots of energy, we pay for bigger or more panels.
  • Quality of Panels: Better quality panels with high efficiency are pricier but they last longer and give more energy over time.
  • Roof Type: Some roofs can be tricky to work on. A complicated roof might add to the installation cost.
  • Brand Chosen: Different brands have different prices. We choose the one that fits our budget and needs.
  • Installer Experience: Experts may charge more, but their work can be worth it. Getting someone good means fewer troubles later on.
  • Location: Where we live affects costs too. In some places, it's harder to get materials and workers.
  • Grants and Subsidies: Money from the government can help pay for our panels. We need to see what help we can get and how it lowers our costs.
  • Additional Features: If we want extras like a smart monitoring system, it adds to the bill.
  • Time of Year: Installation during busy times can cost more as demand is higher then.
  • Company Overheads: Companies have costs they pass on to us like insurance or office rent. These affect how much they charge.

Now Let's explore the average costs associated with different hybrid solar panel systems.

Average Cost of Solar Panels in Ireland

For System Size (kW) 1 - 2 kW Cost Range (€) is around 1,800 - 3,600€  and estimated Annual Savings (€) upto 200 - 400€

For System Size (kW) 2 - 3 kW Cost Range (€) is around 3,600 - 5,400€ and estimated Annual Savings (€) upto 400 - 600€

For System Size (kW) 3 - 4 kW Cost Range (€) is around 5,400 - 7,200€ and estimated Annual Savings (€) upto 600 - 800€

For System Size (kW) 4+ kW Cost Range (€) is around 7,200+ € and estimated Annual Savings (€) upto 800+ €

After looking the average cost of solar panels in Ireland, considering different price-influencing factors. We've gathered typical prices to help you understand the potential investment:

Keep in mind, these prices are before any government incentives or grants. Remember, savings vary depending on your energy use and your area's sunlight. Switching to solar can save money over time and is also eco-friendly. Next, we'll check out various solar panel providers in Ireland

Additional costs for battery storage

When thinking about installing solar panels, remember to include the cost of a battery. This battery stores extra power from your solar panels for use when there's less sun or at night.

Having a battery means relying less on the power grid and having electricity even without sunlight. It's important to know the cost of buying and setting up this battery with your solar panels. This way, you use energy better, depend less on regular power companies, and help the environment more, all while keeping your lights on no matter the weather or power outages.

Solar Panel Companies in Ireland

When it comes to choosing a solar panel company in Ireland, there are several options available. From well-established companies to newer startups, the market offers a variety of choices for consumers looking to invest in solar energy.

Reviews and ratings can help you make an informed decision about which company is the best fit for your solar panel needs. Among these, NuSolas Energy Company stands out as a reliable choice. Explore our offerings and see how we can meet your solar energy requirements. 

Benefits of Investing in Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels offers numerous benefits, including significant cost savings on electricity bills, a reduced carbon footprint, and an increase in property value. Additionally, it allows homeowners to take advantage of government subsidies and incentives for renewable energy technology.

Cost savings on electricity bills

Installing hybrid solar panels can lead to significant cost savings on electricity bills for Irish homeowners. By harnessing solar energy, you can reduce your reliance on traditional grid electricity, thus lowering your monthly energy expenses.

In addition, with the possibility of feeding excess energy back into the grid through net metering schemes, you may even generate income from your solar investment. This not only helps lower household expenses but also promotes sustainable and eco-friendly living while contributing towards a greener future for Ireland.

Reduced carbon footprint

By using solar panels, we can all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Not only are we saving on electricity costs, but we're also helping the environment by decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar energy is clean and renewable, so investing in solar panels means contributing to a greener future for Ireland. Plus, with the government subsidies and incentives available for solar panel installation, it's an opportunity to make a positive impact while also benefiting from cost savings.

Increase in property value

Installing hybrid solar panels can increase the value of your property. Research shows that properties with solar panels tend to sell at a higher price than those without. Potential buyers are attracted to the idea of lower energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, as the government focuses on promoting renewable energy, properties with solar panels may become more desirable in the future. This could potentially lead to an increase in demand for homes with solar panel systems, further driving up their value.

Summary of Costs and Benefits

Solar panels in Ireland can cost between €5,000 to €12,000, depending on factors like the size of the system and any additional battery storage. But bear in mind that investing in solar panels can lead to substantial long-term benefits, such as saving money on electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Moreover, by generating your own renewable energy, you may also increase the value of your property. It's essential to weigh these costs against the potential savings and environmental impact over time.

Considering the government subsidies and grants available for solar panel installation, it might be a worthwhile investment for Irish homeowners looking to embrace clean energy solutions for their homes.

Assessing the Value of Hybrid Solar Panels for Irish Homes.

In weighing the costs and benefits, it's clear that hybrid solar panels offer a promising investment for Irish homeowners. The initial cost may seem daunting, but with government subsidies and incentives on offer, along with long-term savings on electricity bills, the financial outlay can be recouped over time.

Moreover, embracing clean energy not only reduces your carbon footprint but also adds value to your property. When researching solar panel companies in Ireland, consider not just the cost but also their reputation and customer reviews to ensure a smooth installation process and reliable after-service care.


In conclusion, Hybrid solar panel systems in Ireland can vary in price depending on their size and output, but they often include the cost of battery storage and could be offset by grants and incentives. 

Furthermore, investing in hybrid solar panels in Ireland can result in cost savings on electricity bills, a reduced carbon footprint, and an increase in property value. It's a wise decision for homeowners to consider the long-term benefits of this sustainable energy source.

To learn more about solar panel costs and discover the leading companies in Ireland, continue exploring our content. For personalised advice and top-notch solar solutions, consider NuSolas Energy. Visit our website now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do hybrid solar panels cost in Ireland?

Hybrid solar panel systems in Ireland can vary in price depending on their size and output, but they often include the cost of battery storage and could be offset by grants and incentives.

Can I get help to pay for solar panels in my home in Ireland?

Yes, you can look into solar panel grants and green energy incentives offered by the government to reduce the overall cost of installing a residential or commercial solar panel system.

Will I need to spend extra money on my hybrid solar system after it's installed?

Owning a hybrid solar system may come with additional costs like maintenance or replacing an inverter over time, but generally, these costs are low compared to the benefits of generating your own clean energy.

Are there companies that offer financing options for hybrid solar panel installation in Ireland?

Many companies that install solar panels also provide financing options to make it easier for you to invest in a residential or commercial renewable energy source without paying upfront.

Does the type of home affect how much I'll spend on installing hybrid solar panels?

The cost might change based on different types of homes, as larger houses may require bigger systems. Solar energy subsidies and government support also aim to make these clean energy solutions more affordable for everyone.

How long does it typically take to see a return on investment for hybrid solar panels in Ireland?

The time it takes to see a return on investment for hybrid solar panels in Ireland can vary. Typically, homeowners start noticing savings on their electricity bills immediately, with full ROI often achieved within 7 to 10 years. This depends on factors like system size, energy usage, and available government incentives. Investing in solar panels is not only cost-effective in the long run but also contributes to sustainable living.

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