Zappi Charger

The Zappi Charger is a smart EV charger designed to make the most of your solar power generation. It comes with three distinct charging modes, making it versatile and suitable for any homeowner, particularly those with grid-tied microgeneration systems like solar or wind.


Key Features

The Zappi Charger offers numerous features that enhance its usability and efficiency.

Three Charging Modes

The Zappi Charger offers three charging modes:
ECO, ECO+, and FAST.
These modes ensure optimal use of your solar or wind power, adjusting the charging current in response to on-site generation and household power consumption.
ECO mode adjusts power to match your home's consumption, while ECO+ pauses charging if grid power is used. FAST mode charges your EV at maximum power, similar to standard charging stations.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic load balancing ensures maximum installation flexibility, making the Zappi Charger suitable for various household setups. This feature allows the charger to adjust the charging current based on the available power, ensuring efficient energy use.

Advanced Safety Features

The Zappi Charger comes with built-in Residual Current Device (RCD) protection and advanced integral safety features. These ensure safe operation, protecting both your EV and home electrical system.


The Zappi Charger offers multiple benefits, making it a valuable addition to your home energy setup.

Optimises Microgeneration Self-Consumption

By adjusting the charging current based on on-site generation, the Zappi Charger helps maximise the use of self-generated solar or wind energy, reducing reliance on grid power.

Remote Control and Monitoring

With built-in WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, you can monitor and control the Zappi Charger remotely, ensuring you can manage your EV charging efficiently.

Future-Proof Installation

The Zappi Charger is designed with future advancements in mind, ensuring it remains compatible with new technologies and standards.

Model Variations

The Zappi Charger comes in different models to suit your specific needs:

7kW Models:

ZAPPI-2H07UW (White), ZAPPI-2H07UB (Black)
ZAPPI-2H07TW (White), ZAPPI-2H07TB (Black)

22kW Models:

ZAPPI-2H22UW (White), ZAPPI-2H22UB (Black)
ZAPPI-2H22TW (White), ZAPPI-2H22TB (Black)

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The Zappi Charger from NuSolas Energy is an essential component for any homeowner looking to optimise their EV charging with solar or wind energy. With its advanced features, multiple charging modes, and strong design, the Zappi Charger is the perfect choice for efficient and smart EV charging.

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