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School & Universities - Inspire next generation

Empowering the next generation to fight climate change

Students are the future of the country and schools & universities are at the forefront of changing the way we move forward as a country. Solar is a smart solution that can enable School & Universities to reduce costs while increasing the awareness of renewable energy among their students. Schools & Universities often consume large amounts of energy during daytime class hours, which makes solar ideal for School & Universities.




Environmental Benefit

Solar power is the cleanest, most viable form of renewable energy available and plays a vital part in reducing your carbon footprint


Education & Engagement

Being able to communicate with the students the benefits of renewable energy through a working example of Solar PV system in their own school will provide more direct engagement in various subjects.


Reduces Operating cost

Schools & Universities can make significant savings on their electricity bills, allowing them to spend money on educational & recreational programmes, not on energy.


Boost Enrollment

It helps the institutions to offer environmentally-conscious practices, renewable power and eco-friendly facilities.


School & Community Grants- Up To 50%

Schools & Universities Grants

Schools can avail of up to 50% funding through SEAI community grant scheme

Contact NuSolas team to find out more about this scheme.

Client Testimonials

We got 2.8Kw solar system installed in our house. NuSolas were very professional. Highly Recommended

Aura Remeikaite

HR Manager, St. Joseph's Hospital

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