Park Tegra Ballast Mounting System

Discover the future of solar panel mounting with Nusolas Energy's Park Tegra Ballast Mounting System. Engineered for efficiency and resilience, this system is your ideal solution for installations on challenging ground conditions.
Make the smart choice for your solar projects and embrace the innovation and quality of Park Tegra Ballast Mounting System.


Key Features

Here are some key features:

Lightweight Design

At just 9.77kg/m² (excluding ballast), the Park Tegra system is designed for ease of handling and installation, while ensuring reliable support for your solar modules.

Substantial Ballast Support

With an estimated ballast range of 1200-2400 kg per frame, our system provides the stability needed for a secure installation, adaptable to a variety of ground conditions.

Optimised Orientation

The system supports a portrait module orientation, allowing for two modules to be mounted vertically. This design maximises space within the range, enabling the installation of numerous modules in a single line without limitations.

Ideal Angle

A standard module angle of 30° ensures optimal solar exposure, enhancing energy production and system efficiency.

Premium Materials

Constructed from high-quality aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel (compliant with EN ISO 1461 standards), the Park Tegra system promises durability and long-term resilience against environmental factors.

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