Jinko Solar Panels

Nusolas Energy is proud to introduce the advanced Jinko Solar Panels, designed to maximise the usage of the power of the sun with exceptional efficiency. Engineered for durability and performance, our panels ensure your investment in solar energy pays off with long-term benefits.


Key Features

Advanced Technology for Maximum Efficiency

High-Efficiency Cells: Featuring N-type Mono-crystalline cells, Jinko Solar Panels guarantee superior light absorption and conversion efficiency.

SMBB Technology: Enhanced light trapping and current collection to boost module power output and reliability.

Durable and Reliable

Enhanced Mechanical Load: Certified to stand wind loads up to 4000 Pascal and snow loads up to 6000 Pascal, ensuring stability and durability in all weather conditions.

PID Resistance: Exceptional Anti-PID performance through optimised production processes, protecting your panels against potential performance degradation.

Environmental Resilience

Durability Against Extreme Conditions: Built to withstand high salt mist and ammonia environments, making them ideal for diverse installation locations.

Unmatched Warranties

25-Year Product Warranty: A testament to our confidence in the durability and reliability of our solar panels.

30-Year Linear Power Warranty: Assuring a minimum power performance over three decades, with only 0.40% annual degradation.

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Step into the solar revolution with our Jinko Solar Panels. Utilise the sun’s power and create a sustainable future with Jinko Solar Panels from Nusolas Energy.

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