Huawei Smart PV Optimiser

Nusolas Energy presents the Huawei Smart PV Optimiser – your key to accessing greater efficiency and control in your solar panel systems. Designed to smoothly integrate with a variety of setups, this optimiser is engineered to address the complexities of modern solar energy needs, providing an advanced solution to maximise your investment.



Here are some Benefits of Huawei Smart PV Optimiser:

Precision Optimisation

Each Huawei Smart PV Optimiser is designed to enhance the power output of solar modules, tackling losses due to shading or panel mismatch.

High Compatibility

With a wide compatibility range, it fits smoothly into various system sizes and types, making it a versatile choice for any installation.

Safety First

Certified with Class II safety and designed to minimise electrical risks, ensuring peace of mind with every energy harvest.

Environmental Resilience

Operating temperatures from -40 °C to 85 °C and humidity ranges from 0% to 100% RH, designed to perform in extreme weather conditions.

Real-Time Monitoring

Through MBUS communication, the optimiser provides real-time performance data, allowing for proactive management and maintenance.

Electrical Specifications

Rated Input DC Power:
450 W (for SUN2000-450W-P2) | 600 W (for SUN2000-600W-P)
Max Input Voltage:
80 V
MPPT Range:
10 - 80 V
Max Efficiency:
Up to 99.5%
Output Voltage:
Up to 80 V
Output Current:
15 A

System Design Parameters

Optimisers per String:
6 to 35, depending on the model
Max DC Power per String:
6,000 W to 12,000 W
Shutdown Voltage:
0 V
Shutdown Impedance:
1k ohm ± 10%
Output Voltage:
Up to 80 V
Output Current:
15 A

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