Eddi Eco-Smart Energy Diverter

The Eddi Eco-Smart Energy Diverter is an innovative solution designed to enhance the efficiency of your home's energy system. By smartly diverting excess energy generated from your solar PV or wind turbine, Eddi ensures that not a single watt goes to waste.

Instead of sending surplus power back to the grid, it channels it towards heating your water or space, thereby reducing your utility bills and increasing your energy independence.


Core Features and Specifications

Explore how each feature of the Eddi Eco-Smart Energy Diverter enhances the efficiency and usability of your home energy system.

Intelligent Energy Management

Eddi diverts surplus power directly to your heating appliances, reducing waste and saving energy. This smart management keeps you energy efficient without manual intervention.

Dual Heating Control

Eddi supports two heating devices to operate sequentially, maximising the use of excess energy throughout your home. This ensures that all available energy is utilised effectively before being stored or sent back.

Proprietary VariSine™ Technology

With VariSine™ technology, Eddi operates smoothly and in compliance with international power grid standards. This advanced modulation technique ensures efficient energy conversion.

Built-in Connectivity

Equipped with Ethernet and WiFi, Eddi allows for easy monitoring and adjustments via the myenergi app. This connectivity offers convenience and control from anywhere.

Comprehensive Display and Controls

The graphical LCD screen provides clear and immediate feedback on system performance and settings, making it easy to monitor your energy savings and system status.

Safety and Protection

Eddi includes essential safety features like an integral bypass switch and protections against overload and short circuits, ensuring reliable and safe operation.


Achieve up to 97.5% power conversion efficiency. Eddi’s high efficiency means more of your generated energy is used productively, reducing your grid dependence significantly.

Enhanced Functionalities

Eddi is designed not just for efficiency, but also for user comfort and environmental sustainability. See what additional features set Eddi apart in enhancing your renewable energy experience.

Fan-less Cooling

The device uses a passive cooling system to operate quietly and without the need for fan maintenance. This feature reduces noise and increases reliability, making Eddi a smooth addition to any home.

Flexible Installation

Eddi includes a wall mounting bracket and is encased in durable painted Zintec steel, which facilitates easy installation and ensures longevity. The design allows for both indoor and outdoor setups, adapting to various living spaces.

Extended Capabilities

The optional Relay & Sensor Board expands Eddi's functionality, enabling integration with heat pumps and additional temperature controls. This adaptability makes Eddi a versatile part of any advanced home energy system.

Environmental Impact

By optimising the use of generated renewable energy, Eddi significantly reduces your carbon footprint. It promotes a sustainable lifestyle by ensuring that your renewable resources are utilised fully and effectively.

These enhancements and core features highlight the innovative and user-centric design of the Eddi Eco-Smart Energy Diverter, making it an essential component for any eco-conscious household.

Warranty and Support

Eddi comes with a 3-year warranty, backing its robust performance and durability. NuSolas Energy provides full installation support, ensuring that your Eddi is set up for optimal performance and smoothly integrates into your existing energy system.

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