How Installing Solar PV System Is Transforming Irish Households

Raj Singh
January 22, 2023

Solar panels are the tools that convert light energy into electricity. They are called "solar" since most of the time the Sun— referred to as Sol by astronomers, is the strongest source of light accessible in abundance to us. Some scientists even call them photovoltaics, which literally means "light-electricity."

Solar energy is a strong alternative to replacing fossil fuels as a primary source of power generation since it is renewable at no expense, and can provide clean and affordable energy forever. Here are a few notable benefits that Irish householders can reap through installing solar power generation modules.

Cut-down utility bills

Since sunlight is freely available, the primary motivation for most homeowners to go 'Solar' is to minimise their electricity bill. By switching home appliances to solar energy, you can save substantial money on your utility costs. And that's not all, as per a report posted in Irish Mirror, House owners who have solar panels deployed at their place may be able to earn up to €400/year by selling power back to the national grid. The move would be decisive in helping Ireland to achieve the 2030 climate target of 70 per cent electricity generation from renewable energy.

Renewable energy source

Conventional electricity produced from fossil fuels will run out one day. However, that is not the case with solar energy— the abundant availability of Sun's renewable power can easily sustain our planet for aeons to come. Solar units can be installed everywhere as long as there is sunlight. This is especially useful if you are residing in some remote place with limited electricity access. Installing solar panels would ensure that there is never a dearth of power at your end.

Environment Friendly

Unlike fossil fuel, solar power generation causes no air pollution. Therefore, the use of solar panels is conducive to our ecosystem and a fantastic means to reduce your carbon footprint too. The solar energy generation does not produce any noise as well, which is of significant benefit, because many solar installations are located in urban areas, such as domestic solar panels— which means, no botheration for your neighbours too.

Minimal maintenance

Once installed properly, solar modules can easily last you 20 to 30 years without needing any significant maintenance. You might need to review the system once a year, just to make sure that everything works as it should. Besides this, the entire set-up requires very little water for its upkeep, unlike nuclear power plants, which might take 20 x more. This can be very cost-effective in the long for you.

Add value

Residences with solar panel deployment enjoy higher BER (Building Energy Rating). It is quite similar to the energy label ratings for your household appliances. BER is awarded on the scale of A-G, where A-rated homes are highly energy-efficient, resulting in lower utility bills, which, in turn, spikes the value of your property in the real estate market. G-rated homes, on the other hand, are the least energy efficient. Also, if you intend to lease out your place, Solar PV Panels are likely to get you a significant jump in the monthly rental.

Impressive ROI

All owners whose homes were constructed and inhabited before 2011 may request for a solar thermal grant of up to € 1200 or a solar PV grant of up to €3000. Thermal solar panels can help heat up water at your place, while solar PV panels can generate electricity to run various appliances, with a provision of selling back access to the national grid.

The ongoing SEAI grants (ending in 2021) and introduction of feed-in-tariffs 2021 mean switching to solar now is super affordable and is the best time to get connected to solar power.

NuSolas is an SEAI certified solar installation company offering a holistic approach through a combination of Solar Modules, Hybrid Energy Controllers and Data Monitoring. We can assist you in availing SEAI grant (up to €3000) while upgrading your household to energy-efficient resources of power generation. To know more, visit us now at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar panels add value to a house in Ireland?

Yes, installing solar panels can increase the value of a house in Ireland. They are an attractive feature for potential buyers due to the energy savings and environmental benefits they offer.

Is solar PV worth it in Ireland?

Yes, despite Ireland's often grey and rainy days, solar PV systems are still a worthwhile investment. They can generate a significant amount of electricity, reducing reliance on the grid and saving on energy costs.

Can solar panels power a quarter of Irish households?

According to a study commissioned by the Irish Solar Energy Association, one million homes in Ireland have the roof space and orientation to potentially generate solar power, suggesting that solar panels could indeed power a significant portion of Irish households.

What will be installed in my home if I purchase a rooftop solar PV system?

A typical rooftop solar PV system includes solar panels, an inverter to convert the electricity from DC to AC, mounting equipment, and sometimes a battery storage system.

How much of their energy needs can Irish households replace with solar energy?

On average, Irish households can replace up to 70% of their energy needs with energy generated from renewable sources when installing a PV system.

How much do solar panels cost in Ireland?

The cost of solar panels in Ireland can vary depending on the size and type of the system. However, the investment can be offset by the savings on energy bills and potential grants available for homeowners.

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