Meet Raj Singh,
Founder of NuSolas Energy

Raj Singh, the dynamic founder of NuSolas, has always been at the forefront of renewable energy solutions in Ireland. With a keen understanding of the solar industry and a vision to make Ireland a beacon of sustainable energy, Raj embarked on a mission to provide top-tier solar installations.

His expertise extends beyond just the technicalities; Raj possesses a deep knowledge of solar energy grants, environmental benefits, and the myriad options available to clients.

Under Raj's leadership, NuSolas has risen to prominence as a SEAI-certified solar installation company. The company stands out for its commitment to delivering tailored designs, high-end solar products, and installations of the highest quality.
Raj's unwavering dedication ensures that every client receives a positive experience, from the initial consultation to the final installation.
Sharing the Solar Vision as the voice behind the NuSolas blog, Raj continually educates and inspires his audience about the transformative power of solar energy.
His passion for the field is evident in every article, where he shares insights on the latest trends, grants, and environmental benefits of solar solutions.