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Agricultural Solar Panels Installation Solutions in Ireland

Ireland is accelerating its drive towards renewable energy by providing various benefits to the farmers & agriculture landowners. Due to these secure, stable, and long-term benefits, Agriculture Solar Solutions or Solar Parks are getting popular in Ireland. The landowners can install Ground Mounted Solar Solutions / parks as well as Rooftop Solar Solutions using PV Technology, depending on the suitability of the land. The installation of Solar Park won’t affect the farmers from grazing livestock such as sheep, calves, bees etc.

The various benefits of Solar Parks in Ireland include:


Reduce your Farm Electricity Bills

Solar energy can be able to produce a large scale of energy in the daytime and the maximum energy is being used in the daytime often. This is how solar energy helps cut a farm's electricity and heating bills.


Diversification of the Revenue Steam

According to the report, solar farms gain the best ROI from a solar investment with an average of 15.55% and a payback period of 8.1 years across all states of Ireland.


Upto 60% Grant Scheme

Small agricultural land can petition for 60% grant if the farmer/landlord is below 40 years of age through the TAMS grant system. whereas Large agricultural land can petition for 30% grant funding through the SEAI’s Better Energy Communities (BEC) scheme


Tier 1 Brands

We deal with Tier 1 Brand solar panels that are manufactured by most major Companies. Tier 1 Brand solar suppliers are basically manufacturers that deal directly with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies. You can be 100% sure of solar equipment.

Benefits Of Solar PV Panels For Your Farm

Installing agricultural solar PV is the best decision basically it means to control unfixed electricity bills. Due to its reliable, eco-friendly, carbon emission free, noiseless, and high ROI characteristics Scientists have predicted that agriculture photovoltaic (PV) will be spread throughout the world and will be in high demand soon. Solar PV panels can be installed anywhere in vertical and horizontal ways. Moreover, it provides electricity to remote locations, where the cost of electrical distribution utility is costly and unfeasible. Here is few pros of solar farm,

  • Significantly reduce Electricity cost
  • Payback period as low as 4-7 years
  • Accelerated capital allowances, SEAI & TAMS Grants available
  • Battery systems available
  • Protect against carbon tax



Agricultural Grants – Up to 60%

Agricultural Solar Grants

Be seen going green today and take advantage of the TAMS II grant support scheme while it’s available for your Farm & Agriculture Land

The government provides grant schemes of up to 9300 or up to 60% of the overall PV system installation cost.

TAMSII offer grant aid to improve farming by allowing contribution to clean energy. Contact NuSolas Sales Team to find out more.

Area We Serve For Solar pv panels for farm in Ireland

We cover our Solar farm Services all around County Clare with an efficient group of experts that are well professional on Solar Farm installation. You can reach us through mail: info@nusolas.com or contact: +353 61 719 730 or you can directly visit our mentioned location at homepage.
We have a team of experts on Solar Farm panel Solutions for Agriculture in County Limerick. If you would like to install or need any information on solar farm panels then you can reach us through mail: info@nusolas.com or contact: +353 61 719 730 or you can directly visit our mentioned location on the homepage.
We have the best practically trained team in County Galway for Agriculture Solar Configuration. Our team has been specially listed for Solar installation for lands, providing you the best support, work and available at any time. You can reach us through mail: info@nusolas.com or contact: +353 61 719 730 or you can directly visit our mentioned location on the homepage.
We have an excellent team of the best Solar architects and co-workers for only Agriculture Solar panel installation in County Tipperary. Our service is available at any time. You can reach us through mail: info@nusolas.com or contact: +353 61 719 730 or you can directly visit our mentioned location on the homepage.
We provide the best agricultural solar panel installation services County Kerry and surrounding areas. Our team of solar expert will do a survey then planning and implement the solar panels as per the farm requirements.

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Agricultural Solar Solutions FAQs

  • Can I put solar panels on agricultural land?

    Yes! You can put Solar panels on your agricultural field. There are two different ways in which you can install solar panels. One is for Own purpose to help your home or land with solar power and the other is for commercial purposes.

  • How many solar panels do I need to run a farm?

    To produce 3000 kwp of solar energy per month a farmer would need to install 64 panels. If you need more power to be generated, then you need to increase the number of panels.

  • How much does it cost to install 1 acer of solar panels?

    For 1 acre of land, the solar panels’ installation will charge you about $400,000 to $500,000. Larger farms need to spend approx. $500,000 per acre.

  • Do you need planning permission for solar on agricultural land?

    It depends on some reasons. For example, if you want your solar PV array to be ground-mounted on your land, or property is part of a world heritage site, or is listed, then permission should be needed in advance.

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