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Solar is an ideal technology for farmers with endless rooftops and fields of unused land, farms are ideal locations for small, medium or large Solar PV system with payback period in as little as 3 years, it can counterbalanced daily energy consumption and assist to protect your business against future rises in electricity costs.

Our EPC team specializes in Power Purchase agreement (PPA) tailored to suit your requirement. We have commissioned various projects internationally and have team & structure to meet your needs.


Reduce Energy Bills

Reduce your farms electricity bill by up to 100% by installing Solar PV Panels


Diversification of the Revenue Stream

Farmers & Landholders have the potential of using unused roof space and unproductive land to produce electricity and increase their revenue stream.


Up to 60% Grant Scheme

TAMS II GRANT SCHEME offers all the qualified farmers up to 40% - 60% Grant. Contact our team to find out more


Tier 1 Brands

We deal with well known Solar brands available in the market and buying directly from the manufacturer's to provide you the best in the market.

Solar Benefits for Farm & Agriculture

NuSolas Farm & Agriculture

Solar Pv Costs have reduced by over 80% in the past 10 years through a combination of high cell efficiency and lower manufacturing costs.

These facts – combined with increasing in electricity prices and a new 40% – 60% grant for farmers through TAMS II & 100% accelerated capital allowances in the year of purchase – makes a Solar PV for the farms a really intelligent investment for farmers who desire to reduce their energy costs and help reduce carbon emission.

Also, farmers investing in Solar PV will reduce their electricity cost for decades to come  and will be seen as being earth friendly by reducing carbon emissions which will help them market their business.

2021 will see the introduction of Feed-In-Tariff – which will enable farmers to sell there excess or all the energy produced to the GRID

Why choose NuSolas?

  • Tier 1 Brands supplied and installed for the best result for your investment.
  • All In One Solar PV Installers – we will look after everything from Site Survey to Grant and till you start saving.
  • Quick Process
  • Tailored Design – Solar is not ” One Fit All” product. NuSolas use most advanced tools available to design your Solar PV system.
  • Peace of mind – NuSolas provides FREE extended sales service. We like to go out of our way to make sure – we are there when you need us.
  • Competitive Price – We buy direct from the manufacturers to give you the best price guaranteed…


Agricultural Grants – Up to 60%

Agricultural Solar Grants

Be seen going green today and take advantage of the TAMS II grant support scheme while it’s available for your Farm & Agriculture Land

The government provides grant schemes of up to 9300 or up to 60% of the overall PV system installation cost.

TAMSII offer grant aid to improve farming by allowing contribution to clean energy. Contact NuSolas Sales Team to find out more.

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We got 2.8Kw solar system installed in our house. NuSolas were very professional. Highly Recommended

Aura Remeikaite

HR Manager, St. Joseph's Hospital

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